Interpreting teams for successful events

Do you need an interpreting team for one or more languages? On-site, online or for a hybrid format? You’ve come to the right place.

Due to the high level of concentration required, simultaneous interpreters usually work in a team, taking turns every 20-30 minutes. We regularly assemble interpreting teams for a variety of event formats: conferences in both European and non-European languages, trainings, supervisory board meetings, multilingual study tours.

Large-scale events

We have a track record of excellence managing large-scale events. One multi-day conference we organized was comprised of more than 50 individual events in 12 languages across 15 locations, and was attended by over 90,000 participants. With care and precision, we coordinated 18 interpreting teams with 36 interpreters over the course of three days – the result was a tremendous success.

In addition to providing professional interpreters, we also act as an interface – overseeing preparations, distribution of materials, technical coordination, equipment sourcing and project management. This administrative support is carried out in the background to save you time and hassle. Always attentive to cost efficiency, when organizing interpreting teams abroad, we use local interpreters wherever possible.

Seasoned, skilled interpreters

We work with an extensive network of experienced, highly qualified interpreters. Dedicated and enthusiastic, they possess specialized knowledge in an assortment of fields (from automotive technology to zoology) and can quickly and comprehensively familiarize themselves with new topics. Partnering with local interpreters also allows us to optimize our carbon footprint, time and travel costs.

Our interpreters are:

  • Highly qualified, professional conference interpreters
  • Experienced in the required subject areas
  • Thoroughly prepared with extensive research conducted in advance of the event
  • Deployed as close as possible to the event location to reduce travel costs

Your contact person

ansprechpartner karin rademacher

Karin Rademacher

Conference Interpreter
Founder & CEO

+49 179 528 12 69



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Das sagen unsere Kunden

“Thanks again for the great cooperation last Thursday. Also client gave us feedback: ‘The workshop was a complete success, the interpreter did a very good job. We had the feeling that the participants felt very comfortable.’”

Sissy Koch

Rödl & Partner | Asset Controlling

‘The teamwork with you was perfect. We will enjoy returning to you more often.’

Andreas Hofstätter

Director Sales & Marketing Germany, Austria, Italy | Luxury Life MAGAZINE

‘At the end of the meeting, there was major applause for the two interpreters and the technician for their performance. We were very satisfied with the interpreting and technical support! We will gladly contact you again the next time we need interpreters.’

Natascha Zingel

Assistant to the Academy Director | Thomas-Morus-Akademie Bensberg

‘The seminar was a delight. The coaches were impressive and accommodating, permitting us to introduce topics of our own and to deal with them in helpful, practical exercises.’

Jürgen Betz

Business Partner Manager | Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG

‘A particularly positive feature was the small number of participants and their diverse composition. This made it easy for everyone to relax and speak openly about problems of intercommunication in career life.

Francisco-José González

Head of Corporate Property and Reinsurance | Bayer AG

‘The seminar left welcome latitude for each participant’s own career situation, along with the individual communicative challenges involved. I returned home with lots of helpful and practical inspiration for my everyday work.’

Dr. Ilkamarina Kuhr

Theological Advisor | Münster

‘Karin Rademacher interprets eloquently and in superior style, thanks not least to her extensive expertise and highly developed sensitivity. Even in unforeseen situations, she has proven herself absolutely unflappable. An interpreter in service of the matter at hand, to whom you very much enjoy listening.’

Prof. Dr. Josef Sayer

(former) Director General, Misereor

‘(…) You and your team are impressive indeed, not only for your outstanding interpreting services and expertise but also for your organisational strength and initiative. For us as a host of a major event, this is a fundamental added value. I enjoy working with you and will always recommend you to others. For services on all things relating to interpreting, wort-wahl is our first choice (…)’

Dr. Martin Stauch

Managing Director | 99. Deutscher Katholikentag | Regensburg

‘The interpreters did a splendid job. They were very dedicated, and it was great fun having the lectures translated by them. After all, the content was not very simple, such as e.g. the mechanism and composition of our product, production methods, etc. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team.’

Christine Bornemann

Associate Global Brand Manager | Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH